Intellectual Property Awards 2014

The Intellectual Property Conference

Taking place the morning of the IP Awards, the Intellectual Property Conference was the first of a new and exciting annual conference that aims to explore the current state of IP in Ireland and provide in-depth debate and discussion as to the future directions and positioning of Ireland as an IP destination of choice for global players.

This conference has special relevance to anyone whose business success involves the development and leveraging of Intellectual Property (IP).

Issues relating to plain packaging legislation, sugar and fat taxes and how they impact upon the IP embodied in products design and manufacture were the key focus of the first IP Conference.

Other issues addressed included:

The bottom line is that the legs and fiscal environment in which you leverage your IP is changing and you need to be briefed to stay with the market needs of the future.

This half-day conference was moderated by author, broadcaster and journalist Richard Curran and included a host of speakers from Ireland and the UK, please see here for further details.

The conference programme can be viewed here.